Professional Waterproofing & Caulking , LLC 

Did clean room caulking inside  of the Fresenius Medical center Building In Canton Massachusetts.

               Beaver Country Day  School 

Professional Waterproofing and Caulking Installed Henry Blueskin VP 160, Delta Fassade S Rainscreen, Roxul insulation and plywood.

211 Union Street 

Fresenius Medical Care Center

             Canton, MA

Current Projects 

Professional Waterproofing & Caulking, LLC did window caulking on this new apartment building at  211 union street, Portsmouth NH

                                                   2 Wells Newton, MA 

Professional Waterproofing And Caulking Installed  Henry Metal Clad around the windows .Henry Metal Clad is self-adhered waterproofing and air barrier product exhibits excellent weathering resistance due to metallic surfacing as well as high adhesion to various substrates including: building penetrations, window openings, transitions, and roof surfaces. 

           Patel Dentist Office 

​Professional Waterproofing And Caulking 

​Installed Charlisle Fire resist  Barritech VP. It can be applied over concrete block, concrete, exterior gypsum sheathing,plywood, OSB and many other common building materials

PWC completes many projects every year, and every project that we complete we are proud to put the name PW & Caulking on the project file. In the page listed  we would love for you to look through some of the more recent projects that we have completed, or are in the process of completing so that you can know as well as we do why we at PWC always take extreme pride in our work. 

                               North West Park 2 Burlington, MA

Professional Waterproofing And Caulking  waterproofed steel colums in the parking garage . 

​250 GC Tramco was used on the concrete and  The TREMDrain Series of mats are used with waterproofing membranes serving both as a protection course and replacement for traditional pipe and stone drainage systems.drainage mat.


Professional Waterproofing And Cauling Wrapped Two Front Entrances in Vaporsheild and Revealshield SA.